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HEKDESH is a philanthropy collective that inspires members to be increasingly intentional and generous with their charitable donations by exploring the traditions and practice of tzedakah. HEKDESH is made up of alumni and current fellows of the Dorot Fellowship in Israel and their spouses/partners.

Over the past fourteen years, we’ve given away more than $200,000 to organizations in the areas of hunger, the environment, health care, and refugee support, to name just a few. The process of selecting grantees strengthens our commitment to philanthropy and creates connections among Dorot Fellows.

HEKDESH also organizes unique learning opportunities for the Dorot community, such as Tzedakah Learning Pods, (self-organized groups that meet monthly to discuss and reflect on tzedakah), and other initiatives focused on tzedakah and family.  The HEKDESH Learning Committee (LC) is responsible for these projects and seeks to deepen people’s commitment to tzedakah and foster meaningful relationships among members of the Dorot community through its work.

JOIN NOW! We invite all members of the Dorot community to join HEKDESH.  All it takes is a minimum annual contribution of $180 – and there’s no upper limit on how much you can contribute! Take your tzedakah to a more thoughtful place with HEKDESH. To join today, click here.