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Our members have voted to allocate our $15,088 among 3 Finalists as follows:

Equal Justice Initiative Grant: $5,897 (39%) 

Equal Justice Initiative seeks to promote justice for juvenile and mentally ill prisoners, victims of prosecutorial misconduct, and others who have been denied justice by systemic racism in the justice system. EJI works with communities most affected by that system, and produces policy research aimed at educating both the public and policy makers.

Jerusalem Intercultural Center Grant: $4,378 (29%) 

Jerusalem Intercultural Center seeks to improve civic participation and access to municipal services and by all city residents. To advance that goal, the Center both trains service-providers in cultural competence and empowers residents to better access services and advocate for their rights. The center provides classes and training for grassroots activism for cross-cultural issues, as well as sponsors inter- and cross-cultural dialogue and mediation.

National Immigrant Law Center Grant: $4,378 (29%)

National Immigrant Law Center defends the legal rights of low-income immigrants, primarily through litigation and policy advocacy. NILC also helps shape effective messaging and communications strategies on immigration issues.