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Our members have voted to allocate our $17,106.83 among 3 Finalists as follows:

OutRight Action International: Fund for Ukraine (US) Grant: $6,555.91 (38%) 

OutRight Action International: LGBTIQ Ukraine Emergency Fund is determined to assist LGBTIQ people remaining in or fleeing Ukraine in their fight to survive this brutality. They are also supporting the LGBTIQ people and groups in the region who are coming to their aid while facing severe discrimination in their own countries. OutRight’s Ukraine Funds are being disbursed directly to local LGBTIQ partners supporting our community in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Contributions are providing emergency assistance to LGBTIQ people who need safe shelter, food, competent medical care, transportation for those who are fleeing, and other types of humanitarian support. OutRight will continue to support LGBTIQ organizations that remain in Ukraine and those supporting LGBTIQ refugees. They will also expand grantmaking to LGBTIQ groups throughout the region that will face long-term resource constraints as a result of the war, and that face increased backlash and repression in the face of rising populism and authoritarianism. A small portion of the funds will support OutRight’s own work in the region, including administering grants, the documentation of human rights abuses, data collection and reporting, and advocacy – including at the United Nations – to queer humanitarian systems.

AIDA (US) Grant: $5,582.77 (33%) 

AIDA: Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense works to protect people, places, and the planet. AIDA pioneered the use of international human rights law to protect environmental resources. We’ve also strengthened international law to protect human rights abuses stemming from environmental destruction. They work to protect key species and ecosystems, such as Mexico’s National Wetlands. By providing legal, technical and scientific support to communities, they strengthen the community’s ability to fight industrial projects that damage their land, air, and water. Finally, they help governments and the nonprofit sector to understand and access complicated financial systems, and help governments and development banks to improve their policies in relation to environmental impact.

Women Against Violence (Israel) Grant: $4,968.15 (29%)

Women Against Violence (WAVO) has a variety of programs and mechanisms for supporting the advancement of women and feminism, and eliminating domestic violence. Since 1992 they have had the Women Against Violence Center through a 24-hour phone support system for women and girls. They provide moral support, as well as physical support for women to courts, shelters, and to the police. WAVO also provides legal advice, as well as orientations to shelters and transitional homes. WAVO also has a project for men that explores the components of the concept of “masculinity” and examines the concept of masculinity within the framework of feminist thought. Additionally, the “Women and Work” project sheds light on the situation of Arab female academics, and attempts to delve into the political and societal causes and obstacles that limit the development of Arab women in the field of work.