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HEKDESH is a philanthropy collective that inspires members to be increasingly intentional and generous with their charitable donations by exploring the traditions and practice of tzedakah.

The name HEKDESH is both a Hebrew word and an acronym that stands for “Hineynu, Kehillat Dorot Shovachat” or “We the Dorot Community Are Here to Increase and Improve Our Giving.” The Hebrew word hekdesh has biblical roots and refers to money, land, crops, or other objects of value set aside for use in building and maintaining the Temple in Jerusalem. Once money or an object was declared hekdesh, it was considered holy and could not be treated like other money or similar objects. Since medieval times and in contemporary Israel, hekdesh refers to a large communal fund from which charitable gifts are made.

Over the past five years, members of the Dorot community have given away more than $45,400 through HEKDESH, to organizations in the areas of hunger, the environment, health care, and refugee support, to name just a few.  All it takes to join HEKDESH is an annual contribution of $180 – and there’s no upper limit on how much you can contribute! Take your tzedakah to a more thoughtful place with HEKDESH. To find out more about membership, e-mail us at [email protected].