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“Your grant was much more valuable than its precise monetary amount. This was simply because it was unearmarked. As you can appreciate, we work in a very unstable environment and the benefit of the flexibility and security that your grant gave us was truly immeasurable.”

– African Refugee Development Center


Our full grant report can be viewed here.

Last year, HEKDESH raised and allocated a total of $14,500 to three social change organizations. Here are some highlights:


African Refugee Development Center (Total grant: $5,510; Percentage of vote: 38%)

  • ARDC’s women’s shelter underwent a major renovation to dramatically improve conditions.
  • ARDC registered over 500 asylum seekers for the Green Card Lottery in the U.S.
  • ARDC facilitated vocational training courses throughout the year for the first time.


Economic Empowerment For Women (Total grant: $5,365; Percentage of vote: 37%)

  • EEW ran six “Business of One’s Own” training programs for 118 Jewish and Arab women.
  • EEW provided bi-weekly technical assistance and mentoring to 107 women.
  • EEW ran regional business incubators in Acco, Rishon Le’zion and Petach Tikva/Rosh Ha’ayin.


Bema’aglei Tzedek (Total grant: $3,625; Percentage of vote: 25%)

  • BT began its “Ir Tzedek” campaign, intended to cultivate Jerusalem as a model for the region.
  • Hundreds of contract workers, mostly Ethiopian and Palestinian, attended “My Rights” lectures.
  • BT implemented 80+ tours and lectures in 2011, reaching 40,000+ people.


In addition to providing much-needed services, we at HEKDESH are proud to see that our grantees continue to embody many of our collective and individual values. For them, this past year was a year of increased collaboration, new ventures, calculated risk-taking, and organizational learning.