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HEKDESH members granted $20,911.97 to four organizations in 2015.

Injaz    Grant: $4,771.86

Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance works with leaders of Arab communities in Israel, building their capacity to make change in the areas of governance, social justice, transparency, and democracy.


Jasmine    Grant: $6,568.32

Jasmine promotes economic development among Israeli women across socio-economic and ethnic/religious lines, mainly through training women to start and run their own small businesses. Jasmine thus works in the spirit of Maimonides’s eighth (and highest) level of tzedakah, empowering women to support themselves.


MADRE   Grant: $2,947.32
MADRE works with grassroots women’s groups in areas of the world affected by war or by natural or human-made disasters for economic self-sufficiency, political empowerment, justice for victims of rape and sexual violence, and against environmental degradation and domestic violence. They also work with Midwives for Peace, which brings together Israeli and Palestinian midwives to aid women in the Territories.


Tag Meir   Grant: $6,624.46
Tag Meir is a coalition of Israeli organizations dedicated to fighting racism and hate crimes in Israel through publicizing incidents, supporting victims, lobbying, and demonstrations. Tag Meir brings together secular organizations with groups from across the religious spectrum.

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