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Our members have voted to allocate our $14,436.54 among 3 Finalists as follows:

Jerusalem African Community Center Grant: $5,145.69 (36%) 

The Jerusalem African Community Center works to create dialogue, familiarity, and good neighborly relations between the African community and local Israelis. See the attached document for more updates. JACC was founded by activists and African refugees asylum seekers in Jerusalem to care for the welfare of the refugee population in Jerusalem.

National Domestic Workers Alliance: Coronavirus Care Fund Grant: $4,478.66 (31%) 

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is a community of nannies, house cleaners, and care workers, including many immigrant women and women of color, who have historically been excluded from basic labor protections. Many domestic workers are undocumented, and nearly all had to suspend work as a result of the COVID crisis.

Justice for Migrant Women Grant: $4,812.18 (33%)

Justice for Migrant Women is focused on advancing the human and civil rights of migrant women and their families in the US.

In the past year, Justice for Migrant Women