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The membership of HEKDESH is open to all alumni and current fellows of the Dorot Fellowship in Israel and their spouses/partners.  All that is required to join HEKDESH, is a minimum annual contribution of $180, and there is no upper limit on your annual giving.  HEKDESH offers unique opportunities to learn about tzedakah and to connect with other members of the Dorot community throughout the year.

There are just three easy steps to join HEKDESH today and participate in this year’s grantmaking process!

1.   Read the HEKDESH bylaws

Please review the HEKDESH bylaws below for more information about how HEKDESH operates and the rights and responsibilities of members.

2.   Sign the HEKDESH bylaws

After reviewing the bylaws, please fill out, electronically sign, and submit the “Acknowledgement of Bylaws” form that follows the bylaws document.

3.   Contribute

Click here to either contribute via check or online.  Please note that if you contribute online, online service fees will be applied.  Exact fees are outlined on the donation page.