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HEKDESH Leadership Benefits:

  • Join a great, diverse, smart, talented group of Dorot Fellows (and their partners) in thinking about the mechanics and theory of tzedakah
  • Acquire experience in program strategy, development, marketing, event planning, web design, conversation facilitation and more
  • Network and build key contacts in the Jewish and social justice world as a leader of a rapidly growing grantmaking organization
  • Expand HEKDESH’S possibilities with your unique perspective and skills
  • Get to know and learn from members of the fabulous Dorot network and their partners
  • Help to create a community of people who are increasingly intentional and generous with their tzedakah, and the ripple effect beyond

Board of Directors (up to fifteen positions)

The HEKDESH board is responsible for thinking about the theory and mechanics of tzedakah, designing effective and creative ways to engage our 60+ members, and deepening our impact. Board members are instrumental in strengthening and growing HEKDESH by developing and implementing our strategic plan, generating new ideas and ensuring our activities are in line with our bylaws.

In addition to four one-hour board meetings a year, board members join one of the following committees and help plan for (and hopefully attend) the annual Dorot retreat.

Grantmaking Committee (GC)

The Grantmaking Committee drives the selection process of assembling and choosing outstanding grantee organizations. The GC is looking for a few new committed members to take on this task together with veteran GC members. We’re looking for fresh eyes and new leadership who can continue to lead the GC going forward.

2010 was a pilot year of realigning the HEKDESH grantmaking rubric to connect to our shared experiences as Dorot Fellows. In 2011, the GC is streamlining and strengthening the grantmaking processes and rubrics, to strengthen the internal and external processes, and to focus on cultivating new leadership for HEKDESH GC operations. 2012 will be a great opportunity to comfortably step into a solid structure, and, with new eyes, work to fine-tune, course-correct and strengthen our thinking and operations.

Learning Committee (LC) (Hiatus)

The Learning Committee (LC) seeks to catalyze discussions among the Dorot community about the traditions and practices of tzedakah that will a) deepen people’s connections with and commitments to tzedakah and b) foster meaningful relationships among members of the Dorot community.

We are looking for a few new people to think creatively about what learning opportunities would best serve the diverse Dorot community and to help create and market those learning opportunities.  This committee is a great way to meet other Dorotniks, to learn and reflect on your own tzedakah, and to create meaningful experiences for other people.

Recruitment & Retention Committee

Work the network(s) and get to know fellows from different years as you help HEKDESH grow in numbers and strength. Committee work involves individual outreach to current and potential HEKDESH members, as well as opportunities for creative thinking about new ways to attract and retain membership.  This committee is a great opportunity for networking and relationship-building within the DFI community, and for gaining broad-based input to help HEKDESH grow in the coming years.

The committee’s work involves developing a strategy to engage our three target groups: First, reaching out to the current and returning cohorts of fellows to engage them in HEKDESH.  Second, reaching out to the broader DFI network to attract new members.  Third, retaining current members’ engagement with HEKDESH and ensuring that they continue to make financial contributions to HEKDESH on an annual basis.

External Relations Committee

External Relations seeks to broaden HEKDESH’s impact and improve HEKDESH’s internal processes by interacting with, working with, and learning from other giving circles, and by sharing HEKDESH’s unique giving circle model and learning materials with other giving circles, synagogues, day schools, JCC’s, camps, alumni groups, etc.

Social Media & Technology

Express your creativity by devising new ways to help the HEKDESH community deepen our impact by staying connected, learning, and identifying worthy organizations using media and technology. We are seeking a few media savvy members to help us refine and implement a social media and technology plan.