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HEKDESH members may contribute to HEKDESH via check or online through the Dorot alumni website. The minimum annual contribution is $180, though many members choose to give above that amount.  Thanks in advance for your generosity!

If you are not yet a HEKDESH member and are an alumnus/a of the Dorot Fellowhip in Israel, please make your contribution and review and sign the HEKDESH bylaws at

You can contribute in two ways:

Please mail any checks to Dorot Foundation, ATTN: Marsha Rice, 401 Elmgrove Ave, Providence, RI 02906. Please make your check out to FJC, and write HEKDESH in the Memo line. In addition, please fill out and print the FJC Check Donation Form to submit with your check. Your check must be sent via US mail to Dorot, and postmarked by December 31 of this year, to qualify for this year’s tax deduction.

To make a one-time contribution online, please click on the Donate link to the right. Please note that if you contribute online, WePay service fees will be applied. These fees are outlined on the donation page.

PLEASE NOTE: Recurrent (monthly) contributions are possible. That said, if your credit card expires or its number is invalidated for any other reason, your recurrent contributions will stop. To restore them and/or change your contribution amount, please return to the Hekdesh web pages, cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe with the new details. If you have missed any recurrent contributions during the course of the current giving year, you can also make a one-time contribution to bring your net annual contribution to $180 (which qualifies you for a full membership that year). Additionally, please be aware that recurring contributions will continue from one year to the next unless you actively intervene to stop them.

If you are currently located outside of the United States, you may contribute through the Dorot alumni website with an international credit card; the same processing fee based on your contribution amount will be applied.

Special Notes if you donate online:

  • Registration with WePay is not required – all major credit cards accepted
  • Contributions made through WePay are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Please print the confirmation page at the end of your transaction for your tax purposes, in addition to the letter you receive from FJC
  • FJC will credit your account for the balance received after processing fees.  Your tax receipt will be issued for the full amount of your gift.
  • If you can’t remember your Dorot alumni website login, please contact Steve.