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  • 2016 HEKDESH Nominations Form

    Dear HEKDESH Members: It’s time to nominate organizations to receive a HEKDESH grant! Don’t delay—you’ve got from now (February 13, 2016) through Monday March 7th at midnight EST. Complete this form to submit an organization for consideration. At a minimum, you must answer all required (*) questions. This helps the volunteers on the Grants Committee vet the nominees. For questions, please refer to the supplemental PDF that was included in the nomination kickoff email. That document includes additional details and FAQ’s.

  • Part #1: The Basics

  • Note: if organization works in the US, Israel, or elsewhere in the world. In the US we support organizations operating on a national level only, unless there is a specific issue that makes a regional focus relevant (example: Sandy recovery).
  • Part #2: The Core Criterion - Supporting Vulnerable Populations

    HEKDESH seeks to better the lives of poor, disenfranchised, under-resourced, disadvantaged and/or marginalized individuals, groups, and communities. Nominated organizations receive priority for funding if they support these vulnerable populations. Please use the section below to explain how the nominated organization fits with this criterion.
  • Note: for North American organizations, there is no cap on the budget size. For international (that includes Israel), the budget must not exceed $10million. You can usually find out the approximate budget on the organization website, or on guidestar. If you need the Grants Committee to track down your org's budget for you, email [email protected]
  • Part #3 - Anything else about nominee that you want to share?

    If so, here's the place! The grants committee aims to generate a diverse pool of semi-finalists that reflects the wide range of our membership in terms of geographic diversity (North America, Israel, global), diversity in approach (direct service, advocacy, integrated approaches), and diversity in content area (Jewish and universal causes)
  • Part #4: Volunteering for Grants Committee

    Volunteering with the Grants Committee is a great way to get involved in HEKDESH and to make a tangible contribution to our collective Tzedekah! Each GC'er brings different ideas and skills to the table - and we'd love to hear from you! We're always looking for new ideas and new people to serve on the Grants Committee! Our work is interesting and flexible, and we address a broad spectrum of what we think are important and interesting issues. And we learn about great organizations and good grantmaking along the way.
    This is a great, low-barrier opportunity to get to know the Grants process, the 2016 nominees, and to get to know the GC team. We'd love to have you on board with us!
  • You're Done! Thank you!