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Organizational Structure

HEKDESH is led by its Board of Directors who are responsible for thinking about the theory and mechanics of tzedakah, designing effective and creative ways to engage HEKDESH’s 70+ members, and deepening the organization’s impact.  The Board develops and implements HEKDESH’s strategic plan and ensures that organizational activities are in line with the HEKDESH mission and bylaws.

HEKDESH is comprised of several committees:

The Grantmaking Committee (GC) drives the selection process of assembling and choosing outstanding grantee organizations. The GC works to streamline and strengthen the grantmaking processes and rubrics, to strengthen the internal and external processes, and to focus on cultivating new leadership for HEKDESH GC operations.

The Recruitment & Retention Committee (R&R) concentrates on Member Engagement, strategizing and implementing projects that will help foster meaningful relationships among HEKDESH members, deepen people’s connections with and commitments to tzedakah and HEKDESH’s grantmaking, and help HEKDESH’s growth in numbers and strength.  The committee’s efforts range from one-off events, to an annual Membership Directory, to ongoing learning opportunities, to periodic individual outreach to current and potential members.  The projects the committee takes on are largely determined by the creative interests and energies of the people serving on the committee.

The External Relations Committee seeks to broaden HEKDESH’s impact and improve HEKDESH’s internal processes by interacting with, working with, and learning from other giving circles, and by sharing HEKDESH’s unique giving circle model and learning materials with other giving circles, synagogues, day schools, JCC’s, camps, alumni groups, etc.

The Social Media & Technology Committee seeks to advance HEKDESH’s mission and impact by using new media and technology, including strategies for streamlining contributions and grantmaking processes, connecting with past grantees through social media, and engaging our members in HEKDESH’s work through technology and social media.