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Tzedakah Learning

The HEKDESH Learning Committee (LC) seeks to catalyze discussions among the Dorot community about the traditions and practices of tzedakah that will a) deepen people’s connections with and commitments to tzedakah and b) foster meaningful relationships among members of the Dorot community.

In 2011-12, the Learning Committee provides a variety of learning opportunities such as Tzedakah Learning Pods, self-organized groups that meet monthly to discuss texts and stories on tzedakah, and online discussions focused on Families and Tzedakah.  Details will be announced in the fall.  To make sure you receive the information, email [email protected]

Through its work, The LC aims to:

  • engage people with different interests and values
  • engage people in various geographic locations
  • engage people with varying Jewish observances and knowledge
  • ensure that learning opportunities will be open/offered to all members of the Dorot community and their partners in order to: (a) broaden HEKDESH’s impact on individuals and their individual giving; (b) recruit new members to HEKDESH to expand the impact that HEKDESH’s grant-making can have; and (c) engage people’s heads, hearts, and hands, and to encourage people to think about how tzedakah can be a transformative force in their own personal development, in addition to being a transformative force in the community at-large


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